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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can TurnQuest(TQ) help us reach customers and the market faster than we currently do?

Aside from the portals and mobile capabilities and automation of payments and transactions, APIs for integration that TurnQuest comes with, we also enable branch access and control from head office. The system is also business rules driven to reduce manual work and supervisory overheads, enable easy product setup and go to market.

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How can TurnQuest(TQ) help us drive retail marketing?

TurnQuest (TQ) comes with portals and mobile and  full integration to email, fax and SMS and allows automation of payments and installment transactions. The system is also API enabled to allow for integration into 3rd party systems. 

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Can TurnQuest(TQ) help us reduce costs?

This will depend on your current expense ratio and efficiency.  Typically we have seen almost 30% in labour cost savings, almost 70% improvement in accounts receivable and greater efficiency in finance department with on time reporting and improved work life balance.

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Can TurnQuest(TQ) help my company do Product Development?

Product development involves doing analysis and interrogating your data, BI tools including TurnQuest BI can assist with that

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Can TurnQuest (TQ) do Predictive Modelling & Analysis of Insurance Data?

Our software has a business intelligence and analytics module. But we are yet to add in predictive analytics

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