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TurnQuest Bancassurance

  • TurnQuest Bancassurance System

    The TurnQuest Bancassurance System comprises both a proven general business brokerage module and an integrated financial management system. This provides the flexibility of managing and running the business as a completely separate entity with its own accounting and reporting structure.

    TurnQuest Bancassurance integrates all aspects of insurance agencies thus providing a product that covers the whole insurance intermediary value chain from client self-service portals to multiple insurance providers thereby providing the necessary end-to-end straight through processing solutions that reduce cycle times and processing costs per transaction and harnesses imaging technologies and the power of the web to automate the processes across the whole insurance value chain.

    Key Features
    • Highly robust and rules based configuration
    • Modular, covering all departments and functions of an insurance intermediary
    • Centralized Security and enhanced password management
    • Straight Through Processing (STP) through the use of Bouquets
    • Multi-product, flexible quotation system
    • Adaptable underwriting and claims modules
    • An elaborate work manager
    • Adhere to companies authorization and access levels
    • Interfaced to Payroll for in-house agent commission processing
    • Over 500 standard systems reports – parameterize
    • SMS & Email Functionality
    • Document Management and data analytics capabilities
    Key Benefits of TurnQuest Bancassurance System
    • Accelerated Speed to Market – TurnQuest’s highly robust, rules-based configuration supports rapid product innovation and deployment.
    • Cross sell & Upsell – TurnQuest’s reporting management features enables tracking, cross-selling and up-selling for more efficient customer retention and servicing.
    • Seamless Integration with core banking systems –TurnQuest’s modern system architecture is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing IT systems making all bancassurance workflows, including forms, applications and underwriting, electronically available through the bank’s core IT systems.
    • Multi-Organization, Multi-Channel, Multi-Currency – TurnQuest allows you to manage business across vast geographies and regions with a highly flexible solution that is designed to natively support end-to-end business processing.
    • Revenue Assurance and Accountability – TurnQuest has embedded revenue assurance within its processes to help reduce revenue leakage and fraud incidents thus improve your banks margins.
    • Enhanced Customer Service with a client and agent portfolio views that provide a single version of the truth.
    • E-business ready to deliver personalized experiences to your customers via various web & mobile distribution channels while helping you service new demographics, markets and devices
    • TurnQuest Brokerage