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TurnQuest DMS

  • TurnQuest Document Management System (DMS)

    TurnQuest Document Management System (DMS) fully integrates into the various TurnQuest Insurance Suite applications giving companies the ability to create and manage electronic files, store documents, distribute information and process payments. Due to its modular and lightweight architecture our DMS solutions are highly scalable.

    The TurnQuest DMS system has tightly integrated functional modules which include, Document Management, Records Management and Image Management;

    Key Features of the TurnQuest Document Management System
    • Document Management
    • Content Management & Categorization
    • Business Rules & Auditing
    • Search
    • Work Flow
    • Forms Processing
    • Records Management
    • Document Conversion
    • Audit Trails
    • Archival Policies
    • Lifecycle management
    • Image Management
    • Image Capture and Integration
    • Image Management
    Key Benefits of TurnQuest Document Management System:
    • Streamline Operations, Empower Users, and Respond Faster for Better Service.
    • Improve overall efficiency of the company by activating content and streamlining how it is shared, accessed, secured and leveraged across the organization.
    • Reduce error rates
    • Reduce Administrative Costs
    • Increase Claims Processing productivity.