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TurnQuest HRMS

  • TurnQuest Human Resource Management System

    TurnQuest Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a user-friendly and flexible human capital management solution for more effective people management. The system gives executives visibility into strategic indicators like employee turnover and retention. It also enables organizations to manage all aspects of the employee life cycle including tracking employee absences, overall benefits costs, and monitoring trends regarding lateness.

    TurnQuest HRMS is the perfect tool to help organizations transition from spreadsheets to a human resource system that adapts to their changing needs. TurnQuest HRMS works congruently with other TurnQuest Insurance Suite applications enabling you to achieve more, faster and at a minimum cost.

    The TurnQuest Human Resource Management System (HRMS) System is composed of several tightly integrated modules. These modules include;

    • Core Setup Module is the parameter definition module used to define all the business rules and static information that the system needs to enforce rules and perform the day to day processes.
    • Personnel Module  is the personnel information capture and management module. Some of the HR processes managed within this module include employee recruitment, leave administration, training and development, time and attendance, performance appraisal, loan administration and disciplinary management. Using the TurnQuest HRMS top management can do better analysis and effectively manage the work force. The system aggregates all employee records, giving you easy access to the information you need to reduce errors, enforce policies consistently, and build your business.
    • Payroll Module is a multi-user, flexible, comprehensive password module that is easy to use and allows efficient control of payroll applications centrally.


    Key Features and Benefits

    • User Friendly and Efficient – easy navigation throughout the system with automated workflows and integrated with financial management giving decision makers the ability to forecast present and future costs and streamline operations.
    • Multi-Branch, Multi-Organization, Multi-Country – Able to handle data management across vast geographies and regions to produce a consolidated report.
    • Visibility and Control – providing maximum visibility to employee data through dashboards and document management tools and self-service functionality.
    • Talent Management – ability to document, track and manage employee’s skill levels and training needs for effective and efficient skill development and performance management.
    • Compliance – ability to meet compliance requirements through real-time data provided by the system.
    • Analytics and Reports – ability to capture, manipulate, analyze and present data to generate insights with which to inform decision-making.
    • Employee Care – Keep comprehensive employee records including history, legal and contractual documents and help reduce litigation, grievance, and audit risk.