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TurnQuest Brokerage

  • TurnQuest Insurance Brokerage System

    TurnQuest Insurance Brokerage system is a fully integrated solution with in-built capability to manage your day-to-day insurance operations. The system automates menial tasks thus enabling you to focus more pertinent issues like customer service and new business acquisition.

    TurnQuest Brokerage’s easy-to-navigate system covers the whole insurance intermediary value chain from client self-service portals to multiple insurance providers. The solution which is part of our TurnQuest Insurance Suite provides the necessary end-to-end straight through processing and helps reduce cycle times and processing costs per transaction. It harnesses imaging technologies and the power of the web to automate the processes across the whole insurance value chain.

    TurnQuest Brokerage gives you visibility into your operations and the client portfolio for making intelligent mission-critical decisions that will see your business grow faster and become more customer-centric.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    • Client and Service portals
    • 360-degree Client Portfolio view
    • Ad hoc reporting and analytics capability
    • In-built data management and analytics capability
    • Ability to customize reports, memos and invoices
    • Easy employee on-boarding and training
    • Embedded email and SMS capability