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  • TurnQuest Marine Insurance Portal

    The TurnQuest Marine Insurance Portal is a cloud-based system that provides insurance companies a way to offer best-in-class direct online sales and servicing to their marine insurance customers and intermediaries. The marine portal leverages online cloud technologies to enable insurance companies to provide comprehensive underwriting, claims and loss prevention solutions to protect the assets of their marine clients while at the same time facilitating customer interaction throughout the life cycle of a customer’s journey from acquisition to claims management.

     Comprehensive and Fully-Automated

    TurnQuest Marine Insurance Portal is a fully-automated, flexible system that can easily be customized to the insurer’s individual marine insurance needs. It is multi-product, multi-currency and multi-country and can manage multiple intermediaries, products and commission structures. The portal supports collaboration and real-time interactions between all players including brokers, underwriters, claims agents and shippers.

    The portal which is available via a secure TurnQuest cloud, seamlessly integrates with the insurer’s back-end offering significant operational efficiencies and helping reduce marine insurance policies management and administration costs.

    Certificates and Declarations

    TurnQuest Marine Insurance Portal’s rules-based and web-enabled certificate system provides an online marketplace where brokers and insureds can issue their certificates based on policy terms and conditions stipulated by the underwriters.

    The system utilizes a straight through processing model that provides substantial, end-to-end process automation accompanied by strong audit and control capabilities that can help reduce costs and improve consistency. The system seamlessly integrates with third party systems used by the various players including transporters, forwarders, regulators and banks.

    Policy Management for All Marine Life

    TurnQuest Marine Insurance Portal has a highly configurable policy administration module for managing the entire policy life cycle for all lines of marine insurance business – hull, cargo, marine casualty and marine liability.

    The portal through its client-centric interface provides a 360-degree client portfolio view – through consolidated data aggregated from various touch points – making it possible to manage the full policy administration life cycle.

    The platform leverages the fully-integrated nature of TurnQuest Insurance Suite to incorporate claims, risk control, reinsurance, billing and financial information into Policy Administration workflows.

    Claims Management

    The TurnQuest Marine Insurance Portal’s claims management module contains a breadth of functionality for processing all major claims functions from when the claim is reported and booked, a reserve is set, payments allocated and final settlement is done. The module is tightly integrated with the policy and reinsurance modules providing the user with point-in-time coverage verification based on the date the claim was reported and the loss date.

    The system maintains a claims history on clients, policy and risks for the purpose of providing ration and internal claims history accessible to assureds, brokers and underwriters.  It  allows only the right users access to needed information without compromising data security and dictates what functions can be performed and enforces user authority limits throughout the process.


    The TurnQuest Marine Insurance Portal contains a reporting module which enables decision-makers to gather, organize, analyze, distribute and act on critical business information. The business intelligence solution provides an integrated view of the marine insurance business with the capability to create, view, and administer reports, analyses and dashboards.

    The module offer’s visibility into financial processes, compliance and risk management controls across multi-branches, organizations and countries to attain the highest levels of business performance and financial excellence. The module gives you access to real-time, comprehensive financial and operational reports and ensures proper security and support compliance efforts with embedded controls and an always-on audit trail.

    The system outputs are at a summary or granular level and can be exported to various formats like PDF, Excel and HTML. Performance can be viewed across geographies, business units, policy types, LOB wise and for a selected time period. Besides the tabular reports, the reporting module provides combined layouts with color coding, graphs and charts.

    Implementation & Support

    TurnQuest Marine Insurance Portal is structured for scalability, implementation ease, and rapid deployment and is continuously enhanced with these goals in mind.  Our support competencies allow our clients to focus on their core business, and are designed to help you increase application efficiency, reduce system downtime, drive high performance and extend application life.

    Turnkey’s focus is the success of our customers and thus we believe in providing comprehensive support for our solutions. By assisting in the resolution of technical issues we aim to maximize the client’s utilization of our products with an immediate and sustainable return on customer investment.

    There are many support options available including technical and software support with our trained support professionals and subject matter experts giving guidance through on-boarding, utilization and trouble shooting.