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TurnQuest Mobile and Web Portals

  • TurnQuest Mobile and Web Portals

    The TurnQuest Mobile and Web Portals is a portfolio of transaction portals that allow insurers to expose TurnQuest Insurance Suite functionality online and to mobile devices. This Portals provide a targeted interactive selling system for insurance intermediaries (agents and brokers). The portals help facilitate customer and prospect interaction thereby simplifying basic sales activities such as managing prospects and census information, configuring quotes and generating proposals for complex insurance products.

    The TurnQuest Mobile and Web Portals include;
    • Client and Agents Portal
    • TurnQuest Mobile Agents Portal (BIMA360)


    With TurnQuest portals, insurers can extend the value of their TurnQuest core system investment to drive new business, increase operational efficiency, and improve customer service through digital channels. The portals provide insurance companies a way to offer best-in-class direct online sales and servicing to their customers and intermediaries. Service providers use the portal to interact and report on their services. The insurer benefits by having transparent and online feedback on the status of any outsourced services. Clients benefit directly from a robust self-service platform.

    Key Features and Benefits
    • Create a customer experience consistent with the insurer’s brand while ensuring efficient once and done reuse of business rules and product model already defined within the core system;
    • Increase new business by offering consumers straight through quote and buy functionality on their device of choice;
    • Satisfy customer demand for self-service and improve retention while optimizing call center volume; and
    • Streamline and improve the claims experience by empowering claims self-service, improving vendor coordination, and reducing claim cycle time.


    BIMA360, is a mobile sales agent application that helps insurers realise greater efficiencies in managing satellite agents. The application provides cutting edge point of sale technology putting an end to cumbersome complicated rate books to print for every update or error discovered. Inbuilt agent support capability with electronic proposal capture and synchronized information from head office. BIMA360 is a company knowledge base available on the move to enable new product training and client FAQs etc.

    Key Features
    • Business Development
    • Quotations
    • Proposals
    • Client Servicing
    • Premium Card
    • Statement
    • Knowledge Base
    • Admin Portal
    • Reporting
    • Payment Notifications
    • Agent Management
    • Lead Management
    • Calendar
    • Commission Statement
    • Loans and Advances
    • Knowledge Base

    Key Benefits

    To Insurer
    • gain competitive advantage
    • extend market reach
    • improve client service response time
    • reduce point of sale costs
    • better agent management
    • track agent performance
    • cost effective infrastructure
    • push product information and training
    To Agents
    • Efficiency
    • Calendar to record and schedule appointments
    • Generate quotations on the go
    • Policy servicing – online access to client premium card/ portfolio
    • Productivity
    • Lead tracking and conversion
    • Updated company product/ business knowledge base
    • Alerts -payment receipt notification, commission earned,