Turnkey Africa Ltd


  • Turnkey Africa’s implementation team employs a systematically structured approach to effectively integrate our software components, products and services into the workflow of an organization’s structure. We understand insurance business and also understand that every business has unique system requirements so we take the time to understand the client’s needs and make sure we meet them.

    To ensure the success of our implementations, we have developed our own process that has been used in numerous successful implementations. Our methodology, designed with a balance between structure and flexibility, enables us to provide a fast, efficient, economical implementation of Turnkey software solutions every time.

    TurnQuest Systems are structured for scalability, implementation ease, and rapid deployment and are continuously enhanced with these goals in mind. Our site‐by‐site phased implementation approach allows for a gradual evolution of information systems in the client’s business without requiring a complete system replacement or complex business process re‐engineering.

    Many of our clients have replaced existing legacy systems with the TurnQuest Insurance Suite and our automated conversion procedures cover a variety of legacy insurance management systems. As a result, our clients benefit from our experience and replacing their existing system can be done efficiently and cost effectively.

    For Turnkey’s software development and implementation methodology to be a success, the full participation of both parties in the process is required. This ensures a comprehensive coverage of all the client’s requirements. All projects in Turnkey are executed within the framework of its Quality Management Procedures (QMP). The QMP requires each sub-project to be broken up into the phases as represented in Figure above.