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Webinar Recordings: Accelerated Path to a Digital Insurer

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  • Webinar Recordings: Accelerated Path to a Digital Insurer


    | date: August 13th, 2020

    In the last 6 months, we have seen an accelerated shift to a digital world with insurers having to quickly adapt to new ways of working and engaging with customers and employees. While some in-house IT teams were able to react quickly and put in place the facilities for remote working, others are still struggling hampered by legacy infrastructures and processes ill equipped to handle the increased demands and workloads created by the new normal.

    The Accelerated Path to a Digital Insurer Webinar, held last week on 5th and 6th August featured various speakers presenting on a variety of topics. You can view the full report HERE:

    Below are some of the recordings from the event (Feel free to share with those you feel will benefit from any of the topics).

    1. Resilient Insurance: The New Rules of Digital Insurance.
    By Mounir Boukadidi, Sr Digital Transformation Expert, Oracle

    2. Core Transformation; Building a Strong Foundation for Digital
    By Evans Munene, Lead Product Owner, Turnkey Africa Ltd

    3. The Turnkey Difference: 20 Years of Powering the Africa Insurance Industry
    By Kizito Makatiani, Founder and CEO Turnkey Africa Ltd.

    4. Deepening Customer Engagement: Staying Connected and Engaged with Customers
    By Maynard Dang’ana, Product Owner, Turnkey Africa Ltd.

    5. Accelerated Business Innovation: Adapt Evolve and Win
    By Shikoli Makatiani, COO/CTO, Turnkey Africa Ltd

    6. Kizito Working Around The Core: Innovating in a Legacy Environment
    By Kizito Makatiani


    TurnQuest Digital Platform Live Demo

    During the webinar the Turnkey team also showcased their ‘secret sauce’ – the ready-to-deploy cloud digital platform – TurnQuest Digital. TurnQuest Digital which is currently hosted within the Oracle Cloud infrastructure(OCI) simplifies processes for insurers, brokers and agencies including those running legacy systems providing them with the full front- and back-end capabilities they need to quickly set up their products and go-to-market and becoming digital insurers within weeks as opposed to months.

    Through practical examples, the team was able to showcase how TurnQuest Digital simplifies processes for insurers, brokers and bancassurers enabling them to get up and running within weeks as opposed to months. Unfortunately, we are unable to share the live demo’s on this post. If interest please REQUEST FOR DEMO OF TURNQUEST DIGITAL PLATFORM and we will arrange that for you immediately.

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