Insurance portals shift towards a cleaner, simpler design for enhanced CX

  • By Turnkey Portals Team
  • December 2, 2021

Insurance Portals shifting towards a cleaner, simpler ‘flat’ design for enhanced customer experiences and higher conversion rates

From a portals perspective, user experience (UX) is one of the most powerful differentiators an insurer can possess. Offering the most compelling and relevant user experiences is a great way to set an insurer apart from its competition. Consequently, such insurers are able to delight and attract more customers and increase their conversion rates.

The TurnQuest portals team recently started to implement the flat design style for the TurnQuest Insurance Portals at a number of its client sites.  The flat design is a user interface design style that uses simple, two-dimensional elements with high color and typography(text)-focused elements, rather than images. Through the flat design, the portals team aims to enhance usability and produce visual harmony within the TurnQuest insurance portals to deliver superior user experiences to insurance customers and agents.

The move towards the flat design is informed by the growing shift toward simpler and cleaner designs that embody aesthetic appeal and deliver information faster. Recent studies have proven ‘simple’ to be scientifically easier to process. With information rushing at them from countless sources and in countless formats, consumers crave designs that don’t require too much effort to process and store the information. Technology giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft have long since embraced ‘simple design’ with better marketing performance and conversion rates as a result.

Portals are at the heart of insurance company’s digital strategy – and maybe its most critical business strategy in the current environment. To execute on this strategy effectively, insurers must be sure to build functional online portals that are clean and efficient, and that present information and direction on how to accomplish key tasks clearly.

Turnkey Africa’s portals team is working together with our insurance partners to produce customer and agent portals with effective user interfaces that address changing consumer expectations. The flat design leverages responsive design capabilities to produce a user interface that is much more friendly, is highly functional and easily adaptable to usability considerations. This helps enhance portals usage and adoption rates amongst customers and agents and boosts the conversion rates thus impacting on the insurers overall financial performance.

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