DMVIC Integration: Conveniently order, generate and distribute virtual motor insurance certificates

AKI DMVIC Certificate Verification - TurnQuest
  • By Turnkey API Team
  • December 23, 2021

TurnQuest-DMVIC integration helps streamline the motor vehicle certificate issuance process for speed, efficiency and accuracy

TurnQuest Insurance Suite is now fully integrated into the Association of Kenyan Insurers (AKI) Digital Motor Vehicle Insurance Certificate (DMVIC) system. The DMVIC platform enables virtual motor insurance certificate issuance where insurers can conveniently order, generate and distribute virtual certificates to their customers.

With the introduction of digital certificates, insurers and intermediaries would have to log in into the AKI DMVIC system to issue a digital certificate. This process was tedious and time-consuming thus affecting service delivery to the customers. Integration was needed to not only streamline the process for speed but also for efficiency and accuracy.

With the TurnQuest-DMVIC integration, insurers and intermediaries will now be able to initiate the process within the TurnQuest system, which will trigger calls to the DMVIC endpoints for certificate validation, allocation, cancellation and printing from a single point. The virtual certificate is then sent via email to the customer who then prints it in color and displays it on their motor vehicle as required by the law.

Turnkey Africa is constantly expanding its integration inventory for the sake of our insurance partners who desire to tap into a wider ecosystem to enable new sources of growth and stronger economies of scale.