INTRODUCING TQ ACADEMY: Practical, Hands-on Training and Mentorship for IT Professionals

TQ Academy
  • By Shiyayo Catherine
  • September 18, 2023

Insurance Industry Three-Fold Talent Crisis

The insurance industry is experiencing a three-fold talent crisis: An aging workforce, difficulty attracting new and graduate talent and the challenge of retaining ‘good’ employees at all levels. Inability to access talent with the proper skills, knowledge and experience puts the industry players at a competitive disadvantage especially in the current digital economy.

To mitigate against these, insurance companies are adopting a new approach to talent acquisition and retention. Most are implementing new strategies and dedicating time, effort and money to nurture young talent. Some have recognized the need to re-skill and up-skill existing employees to take advantage of existing talent resources. All these while also focusing on capturing new talent and nurturing them to create a resilient talent pipeline.

TQ Academy helps insurers solve the talent attraction and retention challenge through relevant and on-demand training.


Practical, Hands-On Training

TQ Academy is a continuous training and development program designed to provide practical, hands-on training that integrates employee learning with workplace practice. Established by Turnkey Africa Ltd in August 2022, the program leverages 25+ years combined domain and industry knowledge and technical training experience to design and deliver mentorship training programs that are timely, critical and relevant.

The TQ Academy program utilizes real-world scenarios to deliver effective training. These ensures faster on-boarding, increased productivity and continuous learning and improvement of employees. TQ Academy’s key training areas are; business domain (insurance) and technical training (IT and TurnQuest). The program currently accommodates various roles in its training programs. These include; engineers, business analysts, IT Support and end-user, working with and supporting the TurnQuest Insurance Suite.


Blended (online and Offline) Cohort-based Learning

The TQ Academy program offers blended training offering both online and offline (physical) training. It adapts cohort-based as well as individual-based formats depending on the role, course and client preference. The program incorporates assessment tests and practicum sessions built on real-work scenarios for learners to apply their newly acquired knowledge.

Certificates based on good performance are issued at the end of each training. Employees can use the certificates to demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning and professional excellence. While employers can use them to benchmark when verifying promotions or hiring.

Every employer’s imperative is to establish an innovative and diverse workforce and improve performance and efficiency in the workplace. This begins with  solving the talent attraction and retention challenge through relevant programs and strategies.

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