Navigating the Obstacles of Traditional Life Insurance Sales: A Turnkey Africa Perspective

Navigating the Obstacles of traditional life insurance sales
  • By Shikoli Makatiani
  • September 11, 2023

Traditional life insurance sales pose a unique set of challenges, from intricate sales processes to complex product offerings. Drawing from Turnkey Africa’s hands-on experience with preeminent life insurers across the continent, this analysis spotlights five recurrent challenges and underscores the strategic digital solutions proposed to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.


  1. Streamlining Lead Management for Maximum Conversion
  • Situation: Traditional insurance sales methodologies often grapple with disordered lead management. For instance, agents, overwhelmed by the increasing volume of leads, found themselves using manual methods like diaries and spreadsheets.
  • Solution: Drawing from a real case with one of our clients, Turnkey Africa introduced the TurnQuest Life Engage Platform. Post implementation, agents proficiently managed leads in a centralized platform. The result? Reduced lead attrition, prompt engagement, and a system that effectively adjusts to scaling lead volumes.


  1. Augmenting Efficiency in Policy Processing
  • Situation: The pitfalls of manual policy formulation are numerous: errors, delays, and customer discontent. A particular client felt the repercussions of these pitfalls, as manual data entry resulted in policy issuance delays.
  • Solution: Reflecting on this case, Turnkey Africa’s TurnQuest Life Engage Platform provided a digital pivot, enabling the client to generate quotes, capture policy details, and process claims seamlessly. The transformative outcome? Rapid procedures and a sharp uptick in client satisfaction.


  1. Enriching Agent Training and Support Mechanisms
  • Situation: Conventional insurance sales often fall short in providing robust, timely training for agents.
  • Solution: Taking a leaf from a real-world scenario, Turnkey Africa’s digital solution transformed communication and training. The TurnQuest Life Engage Platform service request module made real-time support a reality, and when clients voiced concerns, agents swiftly addressed them, further solidifying the agent-client rapport.


  1. Enhancing Customer Perspective for Personalized Service
  • Situation: The segmented and outdated view of customer data is a stumbling block for personalized service delivery.
  • Solution: For a client plagued by this challenge, Turnkey Africa curated a solution that granted agents a panoramic customer view. The result, drawn from this use case, was profound: agents were better equipped to provide nuanced, tailored services, invariably elevating the customer experience.


  1. Empowering Managers with Real-time Performance Insights
  • Situation: The nuances of monitoring team performance in traditional setups are often cumbersome.
  • Solution: Reflecting on a scenario where managers had to wait on agents for reports, Turnkey Africa’s TurnQuest Life Engage Platform offered a paradigm shift. Managers now had the power of real-time dashboards, giving them unhindered access to performance metrics.


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