NTSA Integration: Faster Validation and Fraud Prevention

  • By Turnkey API Team
  • October 2, 2021

Turnkey Africa recently introduced some new functionalities into the integration between the TurnQuest Insurance Suite and NTSA’s (National Transport and Safety Authority) TIMS (Transport Integrated Management System). This integration facilitates the exchange of relevant Motor Vehicle data between the insurer and the NTSA.

NTSA’s Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS) is a government-owned integrated system that incorporates motor vehicle registration and transfers, licensing, and inspection in a secure public access online portal. The ability to tap into TIMS is critical for insurance companies to validate information more efficiently and identify potential fraud thus preventing revenue leakage.

Through the NTSA integration Turnkey Africa insurance clients in Kenya running the TurnQuest system have in the past been able to access critical motor vehicle and driver insights to make well-informed decisions.

The new functionality enables insurers to validate details of vehicles in real-time by querying NTSA using the vehicle registration number. After the policy approval and issuance, the insurer is then able to post the policy details to NTSA for the purpose of reinforcement.

Rapidly changing customer demands coupled with a rise in insurance fraud requires that insurers be able to assess risk quickly and efficiently while at the same time minimizing fraud. This is not an easy feat but with the integration to TIMS, insurers are able to quickly access verifiable data on a secure platform reducing the time required to serve their clients.