TurnQuest Agents Web & Mobile


Robust online and mobile portals supporting insurance intermediary client-centric strategy to drive revenue and achieve business goals through improved efficiency and productivity, sped up business processes and enhance client services.

TurnQuest Agents web and mobile solutions enable insurance intermediaries facilitate customer and prospect interaction simplifying basic sales activities such as managing prospects, configuring quotes and generating proposals for complex insurance products.

Intermediaries can get quotations while comparing options, buy cover and make payments, process and confirm renewals, register and track claims and perform selected policy administration functions. The TurnQuest Customer Web & Mobile application are integrated to the TurnQuest Core applications to allow for straight through processing including upload of documents

Key Features

360 degree view of client

Policy and Claims Management

Automated notifications, reminders, task management and communication tracking

Integration into in house and third party systems

Real-time information, analytics and Reporting on business performance and metrics

Ensured compliance to rules and regulations

Key Benefits

Streamlined Operations

TurnQuest Agents platform makes internal business processes faster or more accurate helping optimize agent’s operations and empowering customers to take control of their insurance. Custom workflows help eliminate bottlenecks with automated commission calculations and builder and advanced reporting.

Enhanced/Optimized Performance

TurnQuest Agents Platform provides secure online access to client information and links to other services and systems to make it easier for users to perform the tasks they need to perform quickly and easily to save time.

Agent Self-Service Enablement

Agents and brokers are the insurer’s touchpoint with customers, providing them with the experience that customers deserve. TurnQuest Digital’s solutions provides enablement features for agents and brokers and helps streamline user experiences for improved customer centricity, agility and productivity.

Data Security and Regulatory Compliance

User authentication and encryption inbuilt in insurance agency software keep data safe, which cannot be done using spreadsheets accessible by anyone. The software also highlights the areas not fulfilling the criteria as per company policies or Government regulations

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