TurnQuest Customer Web & Mobile


Dedicated customer self-service portals enabling insurers deliver greater customer insights, reduce costs, increase customer value and manage risk digitally.

Provides customer self-service option that makes it easy to view and manage profiles, get quotations while comparing options, buy cover and make payments, process and confirm renewals, register and track claims and perform selected policy administration functions. The TurnQuest Customer Web & Mobile application are integrated to the TurnQuest Core applications to allow for straight through processing including upload of documents.

Key Features

Self-service portal with Full front- and back-office capabilities for customers

24/7 access to services and real-time notifications

Full policy admin life cycle from quotation to renewals and cancelations

Claims management including claim settlement

Billing collection and disbursement system

An advanced integrated workflow system to manage all follow up

Key Benefits

Customer Self-Service Enablement

TurnQuest customer portals provide enablement features for customers and enables insurers to deliver compelling user journeys and engage more effectively with their customers for improved customer engagement and retention.

Personalized Unified User Experiences

TurnQuest customer portal provides a centralized point of access for customers with self-service tools to help speed up transactions and enables insurers to provide better customer support through quality interactions and communication.

Enhanced and Optimized Business Performance

TurnQuest customer portals provide secure online access to personal and client information and links to other services and systems to make it easier for users to perform the tasks they need to perform quickly and easily to save time.

Streamlined Operations

TurnQuest customer portals make internal business processes faster or more accurate helping optimize agent’s operations and empowering customers to take control of their insurance.

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