TurnQuest Business Intelligence, OI & Analytics


End-to-end analytics solutions that provides better visibility into the factors that drive revenues, cost and shareholder value and better insights into your business performance and profitability for informed business decision-making.

TurnQuest Business Intelligence (BI)

TurnQuest BI is a descriptive analytics solution that helps collect, store and analyze data from across the business to provide better visibility and insight into past and current business performance, trends, patterns and profitability to replicate what works and change what does not.

TurnQuest Operational Intelligence (OI)

TurnQuest OI works alongside TurnQuest Business Intelligence (BI) to provide insights for business leaders to improve business on. While BI is focused on production numbers, OI focuses on the processes themselves, with the aim of optimizing efficiency, cost and client happiness.

TurnQuest Business Analytics (BA)

TurnQuest BA is a predictive analytics solution that helps in data mining, statistical analysis and predictive modeling of company data to anticipate trends and outcomes to enable insurers make more educated and informed decisions.

Key Features

Web-based and cloud or on-premise deployable

Real-time analytics and Ad-hoc reporting

Data visualizations and role based dashboards

Self-service capability with intuitive, visualization tools

Multidimensional data analysis capabilities

Secured data and delivery

Key Benefits

Anytime, anywhere insights

Support decision-making across the business

Ability to assess risk, improve efficiency and identify opportunities

Better Accountability and budget management across department

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