TurnQuest Brokerage


Facilitating broker and agent efforts to track and maintain relationships with clients, improve marketing and sales efforts, and monitor the sales performance of the agency and the processing of commission.

TurnQuest Insurance Brokerage system is a fully integrated solution with in-built capability to manage your day-to-day insurance brokerage operations. The system automates menial tasks and provides capabilities to help brokers and agents enhance relationships with customers, clients and prospects. TurnQuest Brokerage back-office features facilitate agent efforts by automating workflows and commission processing.

TurnQuest Brokerage’s easy-to-navigate system covers the whole insurance intermediary value chain from client self-service portals to multiple insurance providers. The solution provides the necessary end-to-end straight through processing and helps reduce cycle times and processing costs per transaction. It harnesses imaging technologies and the power of the web to automate the processes across the whole insurance value chain.

TurnQuest Brokerage gives you visibility into your operations and the client portfolio for making intelligent mission-critical decisions that will see your business grow faster and become more customer-centric.

Key Features

Highly Robust ad rules-based configuration

Interfaced to payroll for in-house agent commission processing

Modular, covering all departments and functions of an insurance intermediary

Centralized Security and enhanced password management

Straight Through Processing (STP) using bouquets

Document management and data analytics capabilities

TurnQuest Brokerage Benefits

Faster On-boarding

TurnQuest Brokerage seamlessly integrates with other systems making all brokerage workflows, forms and applications readily available. This helps streamline all brokerage processes speeding up the onboarding of, customers and employees and servicing policies.

Accelerated Speed-to-Market

TurnQuest Brokerage provides the agility and flexibility required to support rapid product innovation, design and deployment of tailored products to be first to market in meeting the needs of an ever-evolving customer and market base for competitive advantage.

Cross Sell and Upsell Opportunities

TurnQuest Brokerage’s reporting feature enables brokers to capture and analyze customer data and discover cross- and up-selling opportunities and equip frontline employees with the relevant information to help close higher value deals and increase the marketing ROI.

Revenue Assurance and Accountability

TurnQuest Brokerage has embedded revenue assurance to help agents and brokers keep track of all product offerings, improve financial controls and reduce revenue leakage and fraud incidents and improve their margins.

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