TurnQuest Connect


Adopt an API-first strategy to streamline stakeholder interactions, accelerate time-to-market, enable omni channel experiences, scale your partner ecosystem, and drive new business.

TurnQuest APIs and Connectors helps insurers to build flexible, robust technology platforms to enable and consolidate multiple touch-point solutions to create connected experiences for their customers and partners.

Through APIs, insurers can also access and smoothly integrate to third-party data, delivering significant efficiency and cost savings. Insurers are also able leverage APIs to make it easy for their stakeholders including partners like banks, brokers and agents to do business with them making it easy for this partners to deliver their offerings and service to their clients.

TurnQuest connectors are divided in the following groups:

  • TurnQuest BI Connectors
  • TurnQuest DMS Connectors
  • TurnQuest Open Connectors
  • TurnQuest Payment Connectors

Key Benefits

Increased efficiency in claims management

APIs enable better internal and external system integrations helping streamline the claims management process, and speed up claims resolution

Growing Partner Ecosystems

APIs enable insurers leverage their industry partnerships and extend their reach to gain access to new market and new customers bases while also easier for partners to do business with insurers.

Digitization of Operations

APIs enable the digitization of many insurance services including customer acquisition, product distribution, enabling transaction and reducing time, the interactions become much smoother and build a tighter relationship.

Delivering New Services

APIs drive interconnected between gadgets and devices enabling the delivery of new services like incident reporting and photo uploads for quicker claims resolution.

Data and Analytics

With access to large amount of data from both internal and external sources, insurers can analyze this data to gain insight on marketing opportunities, innovation and creating rich digital experiences for policy holders.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

APIs enable insurers to meet customer expectations around speed, personalization, omni channel experiences and convenience thus increasing customer satisfaction and thus boosting loyalty.

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