TurnQuest CRM


Giving the customer a great experience and building loyalty to ensure ‘top of mind’ status, competitive advantage and differentiation among competitors.

In a highly globalized and competitive market it is critical for insurance companies to maintain positive relationships with customers. Giving customers a great experience and building loyalty ensures ‘top of mind’ status, competitive advantage and differentiation among competitors.

To do this effectively, insurers need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy that puts the customer at the heart of its operations. This enables them understand the needs of the customer and integrate those needs within the organization’s strategy, processes, people and technology.

TurnQuest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an integrated solution that helps streamline all major customer-facing processes within the organization. TurnQuest CRM is tightly integrated into the core insurance modules to provide a holistic view of all business systems.

TurnQuest CRM uses dashboard, analytics and reporting tools to provide insurers with a 360-degree view of their client portfolio. This enables the insurer to track customer behavior and feedback for easy identification of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and enhanced customer experiences.

TurnQuest CRM delivers seamless results by enabling organizations to speed up their customer responses and ensuring that all requests are dealt with efficiently and effectively. Overall, TurnQuest CRM is designed to help improve the way insurers interact with their customers throughout the buyer journey and do business with their customers and establish lasting relationships with them.

TurnQuest CRM is the core of the TurnQuest Insurance Suite. It consists of 2 main units;


Caters to the central definitions of company master data and management of users, passwords, authorizations and access levels. CRM 1 also cater to the account and activity management, messaging and banking requirements.


Caters to Service Request, Campaigns and Leads Management.

Key Features

360 degree view of customer

Case/Issue management and escalations

Real-time Campaign management and evaluation

Lead and Account management

Centralized activity management - emails, meetings, calendars and calls

Billing and invoicing tracking

Integration with existing platforms

Data analytics and reporting

Key Benefits

Improved contact management
Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction
Better personalization and targeting
Improved account management
Increased customer acquisition, retention and loyalty
Standardized and improved sales

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