TurnQuest Exchange


A centralized hub that integrates data and ecosystems to provide visibility, integration management, and orchestration of data to enrich partner collaborations, reduce operational costs, accelerate growth, combat fraud and improve customer acquisition and retention.

The TurnQuest Insurance Data Exchange (TQExchange) is an centralized hub that enables insurers to automate the gathering, processing, and normalization of data from all insurance partners, reducing the cycle time and helping insurers to adopt a customer centric approach to service delivery by leveraging online cloud technologies.

TQExchange is a multi-tenant cloud platform with web, mobile and integrations APIs that provides a single, secure online solution for data distribution, consolidation and sharing eliminating the need to create and support multiple distribution connections.

TQExchange also enable continuous online interactions throughout the customer journey for enhanced customer experiences and centralized hubs like TQExchange provide visibility, integration, management, and orchestration of data to enhance partner collaboration, reduce operational costs, accelerate growth, combat fraud, and improve customer acquisition and retention.

From this, insurers are able to quickly introduce new products, increase ease of integration, increase data efficacy and reuse and make it easier for reinsurers to re-engineer and improve processes and workflow

TQ Exchange Platform Products Include

Data Exchanges

Intermediaries (Producers) Portals

Service Providers Portals

Salvage Portal

Medical Providers Portals

Payments gateways

SaaS for producers

SaaS for Insurers

Key Features

Availability via a secure TurnQuest Cloud, no need for own environment.

Seamless integration with TurnQuest back-end suite and 3rd party back-end.

Support for collaboration among various actors ; Intermediaries, clients, service providers

Online capability support throughout the lifecycle of a customer journey.

Native connectivity to some of the largest brokers and agents

Automated transformation and normalization of various data formats

Data format translation for seamless integration and distribution

Support for multiple integration technologies (SOAP, REST, etc)

TQ Exchange Benefits

Optimize and Automate Partner Relationships

TurnQuest Insurance Data Exchange Platform enables insurers to automate the gathering, processing, and normalization of data across the entire insurance value chain. Automation reduces cycle time and can help insurers issue policies, profile and manage risk, and analyze claims.

Insurance Data Transformation

TQExchange supports any-to-any data format transformations of all structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data that reduces IT costs of custom development, validation, and error identification. The solution automates access to all forms of data and thus streamlines collaboration and integration.

Insurance Network Collaboration

TQExchange provides dynamic partner management to manage communications between parties in an insurance network—agents, brokers, underwriters, service providers with the capability to create, edit, and manage partner profiles to accommodate integration with the insurer’s core systems.

Data Visibility and Transaction Management

TQExchange enables transaction management ensuring transactions comply with business needs and deploying controls to monitor, notify, reconcile, analyze, and manage exceptions to enable business process flows across the network and visibility to all data regardless of network protocol or format.

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