TurnQuest Financial Management System


The finance function’s influence now permeates the entire organization owing to its responsibility for responsibility for reporting on the past, managing the present, and creating the future.

The TurnQuest FMS System consists of various modules including:

Key Features

Multi-company, Multi-branch, Multi-Currency

Fully Integratable to 3rd party systems and integrated to all TurnQuest systems

Extensive analytical framework to modify or extend controls

Configurable rules with aggregated detailed view and analysis of leakages

In-built data management and analytics capability

Embedded native reporting feature - with export facility

Comprehensive collections management

Depreciating assets according to accepted schedules

Key Benefits

Accurate Financial Data

TurnQuest FMS enables insurers to reduce records redundancy, deliver better budgeting, forecasting, and planning and gain access to more accurate audits, and keep detailed tracking records of all assets and liabilities. System also enables proper categorization of expenses and seamlessly integrates into banking systems.

Data and System Security

TurnQuest FMS offers comprehensive systems security with absolute data integrity integrated across the entire solution. The system has inbuilt functionality that helps protect critical data against theft and fraud. TurnQuest FMS enables risk and compliance management through audit trails and the segregation of duties and mapping of roles to responsibilities

Scalability and Growth

TurnQuest FMS helps insurers gain the agility to meet both the current and future financial needs and be able to rapidly and easily scale their business to handle growth across markets, geographies and products offer better user experience and lower maintenance costs.

Better Management Decisions

TurnQuest FMS enables finance managers gain increased visibility into their company’s operations to enable them better assess and manage risk, grow their business, communicate effectively with business units, and drive corporate performance with real-time access to organizational and market data.

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