TurnQuest General Insurance


The right technology that provides the tools to automate, manage and streamline all general insurance processes, workflows and operations transforming the entire value chain from product development to claims management.

The TurnQuest GIS system is comprised of several tightly integrated modules:

Core Module

Core module is the parameter definition module used to define all the business rules and static information that the system need to enforce and perform the day to day processes.

Quotations Module

Provides the user with the capability to give New Quotations, Revisions and Authorizations for any or multiple products.

Underwriting Module

Manage New Business, Endorsements (Revisions, Extensions, Declarations, Cancellations, Lapsations, Reinstatements

Reinsurance Module

Reinsurance Module which is embedded within the system to take care of the inbuilt reinsurance arrangements and automatically process the recoveries where appropriate.

Claims Module

Claim Registration, Revisions, Payments, Recoveries, Reinsurance Processing, XOL Reinsurance Process, as well as the Legal Activities

Accounts Module

Covers Receipting, Payment requisitions, Allocations, Commission Management, Write-Ins & Write-Offs, GL Account Mapping, UPR (Unearned Premium) and Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) processing

Key Features

Integrated end-to-end web-based solution

Template & u/w inputs per class of business

Real-time detailed accounting

Standard and customer report generation

Integrated workflow engine

Flexible & Dynamic billing and payment system

Claims management and settlement

Fully integrated reinsurance, u/w, claims and finance

Key Benefits

Achieve Sustainable Growth and Profitability

TurnQuest GIS integrated end-to-end solution helps insurers achieve the level of efficiency critical to achieving scalability that leads to growth and supporting informed decision-making. TurnQuest GIS also provides greater visibility into business performance facilitate increased operations efficiency.

Accelerated Speed-to-Marketing

TurnQuest GIS supports rapid product innovation and deployment within short timescales helping reduce development costs for new products and maximizing product development to take advantage of opportunities and satisfying the needs of an increasingly savvy customer.

Enhanced Customer Service

TurnQuest GIS provides insurers a 360-degree client and agent portfolio view through consolidated data aggregated from various touch points. TurnQuest GIS’s all-in-one solution with self-service tools helps streamline user experiences through the delivery of compelling user journeys and engagement.

Rapidly Comply with Regulatory Changes

TurnQuest GIS helps insurers effectively manage their regulatory requirements by automating regulatory compliance processes and workflows. Its in-built flexibility and native localizations help streamline business processes required to meet regulatory standards.

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