Turnkey Africa Ltd

Managed Services

  • Turnkey Africa offers proactive IT Managed Services as part of the maintenance services for the TurnQuest system to enable our clients to tap into and leverage Turnkey Africa’s knowledge base and experienced capabilities.

    With Turnkey’s managed services, our clients are able to have a TurnQuest environment that efficiently support’s existing companywide objectives and scalability requirement as well as provide experience and readily accessible first line of support for the TurnQuest platform.

    Turnkey managed services also extends beyond basic software infrastructure management to offer managed services around data analytics, business intelligence (BI) and advance application monitoring.

    At the core of our Managed Services is the need to ensure that the current TurnQuest infrastructure is maintained to meet the client organization requirements and provide business continuity against human resource risks.


    •  Database administration and maintenance
    •  Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance
    •  Linux Systems Administration


    •  Reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership
    •  Fixed IT Management & Support Costs
    •  Increased Efficiency and Competitiveness
    •  Increased customer confidence through reduced downtime
    •  Scalable and Flexible Payment Plans
    •  Quick Implementation of New Technology
    •  Professional, Certified, Qualified, Experience IT Professionals
    •  Proactive Monitoring and Servicing
    •  Continuing Infrastructure Assessment and Auditing