TurnQuest Co-creation Co-innovation Teams (TCCT)

Free up you IT resources mundane day-to-day tasks to focus on strategic business and IT initiatives that will benefit your organization by shifting to an MSP model.

TurnQuest Co-Creation Teams (TCCT) provides technically skilled, motivated and competent dedicated consultants who work seamlessly as part of the clients teams to ideate, design, prototype, build and test additional functionality, features and change requests in the TurnQuest Suite of products. TCCT offer clients a simple, affordable way to quickly respond to the fast changing requirements and needs of the insurance market.

TCCT ensures the reduction of fixed costs, while providing access to qualified experts, thus companies do not have to maintain specialist competencies inside an organization.

TCCT is provided as a subscription service on an annually renewable basis.

Resources availed to the client under the TurnQuest Co-creation / Co-Innovation Teams (TCCT) include;

Business Analysts

Responsible for planning, organization and implementation of any new features /requirements. This includes engaging with different stakeholders to determine needs and breaking down business strategy, goals and objectives into deliverable business requirements

Application Developers

Responsible for providing software maintenance and development, creating and updating technical system documentation and performing unit and system testing.

System Architect & Product Manager

Responsible for understanding the business requirements from the customer and converting them to technical design. Work with implementation team to make sure needs are me and assists in resolving disputes, technical problems and making

Key Benefits

Access to greater creativity, expertise and passion

TCCT helps insurer gains access to a wealth of creativity and expertise and much needed outsider perspective increasing their innovation performance.

Enhanced Product Development

Joint researching, ideating and creating helps uncover actionable insights to help broaden the product functionality scope and refine the product development process.

Shorter time-to-market

TCCT enable faster ideation and product development helping them get their product to market faster and ahead of the competition

Increased return on investments and higher margins

TCCT enable lower cost of goods (COGs) and higher product differentiation enabling the insurer to achieve and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

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