TurnQuest Infrastructure Managed Services (TIMS)


Improve the performance and availability of your IT infrastructure and direct your key resources toward more strategic activities, improve customer experience and reduce operating costs.

TurnQuest Infrastructure Managed (TIM) Services encompass a full spectrum of installed ICT infrastructure technology management services. TIM delivers end-to-end platform management including availability and performance monitoring of application infrastructure, product administration activities such as monitoring, user administration, patch and process management.

TIM provides efficient and high-quality services for managing IT at optimal cost. TIM ensures high availability, high performance and high service levels with the sole purpose of making sure our clients can derive optimal performance from their IT infrastructure.

TurnQuest Infrastructure Management (TIMS) services include:

Database Administration and Maintenance

Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance

Linux System Administration Services

Weblogic Application Server

OBIEE and OWB System Administration

Alfresco DMS Environment Management

Key Features

Remote infrastructure management and optimization

Multi-site configuration, replication and optimization

Needs analysis and procurement

Capacity and infrastructure planning and expansion

Data securing and control and disaster recovery

File integrity assurance and indexing

Key Benefits

Better business decisions

TIMs enable better management and monitoring of infrastructure allowing insurers to proactively anticipate and plan for future needs and make strategic changes.

Optimized Investments

TIMs enables insurers to run at maximum performance levels for longer and ensures their IT investments fulfill their expected life cycle.

Overhead Reduction

TIMs proactive best-practices approach to procedures, documentation, knowledge base etc. enable insurer’s IT systems to run smoothly spending less time and cost firefighting and recover efforts.

Improved system performance

TIMs facilitates efficient IT infrastructure management helps improve the performance of technology systems, increased up time and enhances user experiences.

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